Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Federal Mafia

One of the most famous phrases associated with organized crime is “we are going to make an offer you can’t refuse” or something like that. That is what the Federal government has become under Obama. Don’t get me wrong, this has been happening under both parties in some degree for a long time. Rahm Emanuel is the epitome of a thug and he is trying to shove this dangerous and destructive agenda through whether we like it or not. He is threatening the detractors of this radical agenda (read here).

Dick Durbin spits in the face of people who are out at these town hall meetings by suggesting this passion and anger is staged and the minority view. I believe it is the majority view and growing. People know what it means to have the Federal thugs in charge of anything; failure and misery!

We are being attacked by our own government. There are 545 “representatives” including the Supreme Court and the President trying to shove a rejected philosophy down 300 million citizen’s throats. We have a compact and it is not with a mafia family, it is called the US constitution. We need to keep the pressure on and turn the volume up. The more they shove the more we shove back.

The odds are in our favor; 300,000,000 and a constitution against 545 and an unconstitutional approach to government. Who has the odds if we work together against this thuggery? If we all push just a little we are bound to get our country back. Let’s show these Chicago thugs who the real boss is…

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