Friday, August 7, 2009

Union Thugs Are Nothing New And They’re Not Enough…

I supported Mitt Romney’s senate campaign against Ted Kennedy back in 96 and the same tactic they used then is coming back today. The meeting in Tampa as seen in this video is typical of the left’s answer to debate and criticism; bring in the goons.

These union members should be ashamed of themselves. Are they not Americans first? The reason there is such opposition to healthcare is the speed, secrecy, and elitism that is being used to push it through. There has been no debate and members of congress don’t even know what is in the bill. We should all be scared as Americans.

Corner an American and what you get is similar to any creature you corner; a violent reaction. These members of congress who are closing down their meetings with union bouncers are getting the reaction it deserves; total rebellion. This is the American way when our government over steps its bounds. These congress people and union thugs are inciting the reaction they are getting.

And what is president Obama’s response? To blame the protestors, call in the brown shirts to rat out good Americans that disagree, and basically dig a bigger hole for his presidency. The next step will be a total revolt of the American people against this government and it is being fueled by the arrogance of this president.

They are thugs from Chicago and they are used to getting their way. This is not Chicago, this is America. We are on the rise and ready to confront this assault on America’s traditions, values, and freedom. Bring it on Mr. president. Union members that support you are not enough to stop the will of the American people. We are ready to fight for our freedoms; whose side are you on?


Anonymous said...

Rich, the only thing we are missing in this is a leader. I am so proud of the people in our Country who are standing up and making their voices heard but just like. I am grateful for Fox news and conservative radio talk. Rush Limbaugh, Sean, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin but we need a political leader to rise up and it doesn't appear we have one. I am actually hoping someone like Sarah Palin can take the reigns. She stands on principle, she is straight talker and thats what this movement needs. Thanks for your blog. CML

Sheri said...

Totally agree! The video is locking up on me, maybe it is the one with the gentleman who comments about how the president took 6 months to decide on a dog for his family, but his healthcare scheme needs to be signed NOW. Honestly, that is bizarre when you think about it.