Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mandate? Not for the President…

The President and democrats in congress are talking about a “mandate” from the people to raise taxes. Really? If that were true, don’t you think the voters would have given the House of Representatives a democratic advantage if that was the case? Every spending and tax bill originates in the house and who was elected to the house in a majority? Republicans, and every republican ran on spending cuts not tax increases. So you could say that the American people actually voted for a mandate of spending cuts.

Any talk of giving into the president’s agenda is wrong and will further divide this nation. The federal government has an addiction to spending and most Americans believe it is time to put the federal government into spending rehab. If the voters were asked the question: should the government increase taxes on small businesses in order to create jobs and reduce the deficit? I believe people understand taxing the people that they work for is not a good idea and will come out of their hide either way. It is when the question is posed to “tax the rich” it wins support. Which is unfortunate in itself but “the rich” have been demonized by democrats for so long that this faceless group is easy to gain support for punishment.

President Obama won by a razor thin majority and not by a landslide. The people that are continuing to gloat over their win will soon find themselves in a situation where they are laid off, cutting back, paying more for everything, and if taxes are permitted to be raised, a deep recession. My heart breaks for my children and their generation, because they have been lied to, and may never again see a great America if this president gets what he is hoping for in his final term. The gloating is disturbing.

So based on the election results the House of Representatives must stop the fiscal bankruptcy by cutting spending. If they want to close some loop holes that is OK as long as everyone’s taxes are raised. The 47% who don’t pay federal tax must be made to pay something since they get most of the services.

We are a divided nation and it is getting worse. There is no need to come together on the issue of raising taxes because it will destroy our economy. And then we will be in it together but in a place we will not want to be. The mandate is to cut spending not increase taxes. Republicans must remember that and focus on reforming all entitlements and balancing the budget…  

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