Friday, September 14, 2007

What Makes Hillary the “Healthcare Expert”?

“Clinton's previous effort gives her a voice of authority on health-care
coverage now, with 65 percent of Americans in a July Gallup poll expressing ``a
great deal'' or ``a fair amount'' of confidence in her on the issue. That's more
than any other White House contender. At the same time, it evokes memories of
the bureaucracy-laden, 1,342-page proposal that critics still call

Who are these 65% of Americans that want to give our government control over their access to healthcare? What “authority” does Hillary have over the people that have spent their lives dedicated to healthcare? My wife is a nurse and can tell you that Medicaid and Medicare are not only inefficient, the programs are ripe with potential for fraud, and are inflexible when patients need care outside the programs scope. If you think HMO’s are bad, you’re gonna “love” the government bureaucracy. I would trust my wife over Hillary any day of the week. The government will have no competition therefore will have no reason to listen to their “customers”, so once you agree to hand over the 2.1 TRILLION dollar industry to the government, our (your) healthcare is doomed. The way they will “control” costs will be to reduce access, pay healthcare professionals less, reduce facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, reduce tests and surgery, and after all of this will still increase your taxes to pay for all of this inefficiency. Tell me again, why do you want the government to take over healthcare?

“The proposal proved so complex that it invited ridicule. An insurance industry
group produced a series of television ads featuring ``Harry and Louise,'' a
fictional couple struggling to understand the plan. Her proposal didn't make it
out of committee even though Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.”

The American people rejected Hillary’s last campaign to socialize American healthcare but will we do it again? Too many people don’t pay attention to the consequences of government intervention into our economy. The MO of the government is to reduce efficiency, crush competition, and raise prices. Exactly the opposite MO of the capitalist system that has made us the richest country in the world. If we were to introduce competition by eliminating insurance for routine doctor visits and common ailments, get the government out of drug benefits and elderly care, we would reduce the cost of healthcare for the average family to be less than what they pay for cable and their cell phone every month.

We need to think really hard here; what does the government do now that makes it deserving of your trust to handle your healthcare? Do you want Hillary, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Arlen Specter, Doug Lamborn, and all the other politicians controlling your life choices so closely? I shudder to think of any politician controlling my access to health; how about you?

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Sheri said...

I know I don't want the gov't in charge of my health care...I work for the gov't! I heard on the radio that one of Hilary and Bill's close friends who lives in Canada, just got very sick and guess where they hauled him to??? You guessed it... the good old USA!