Thursday, September 6, 2007

Senator Schumer should resign…

He is despicable, anti American, anti military, and must resign. If footsy in the Men’s room is good enough to get rid of the Senator from Idaho (which I agree with whole heartedly!), disrespecting and lying about our troops is surely grounds enough to call for NY Senator Schumer to resign… Here are his words. You be the judge and jury:

“And let me be clear, the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not
because of the surge. The inability of American soldiers to protect these tribes
from al Qaeda said to these tribes we have to fight al Qaeda ourselves. It
wasn’t that the surge brought peace here. It was that the warlords took peace
here, created a temporary peace here. And that is because there was no one else
there protecting.”

He must be removed because he is obviously against our troops and on the side of victory for our enemy. Throw the bum out!


Anonymous said...

He is a disgrace to the USA, the Senate & most of all to the brave men & women who fight & die for his right to spout his vitriolic hatred for the President. He has lost all common sense in his lust for power. NY has buried many in this jihad & this is the respect shown by this NY senator?? APH

Sheri said...

Amen to both of your comments! Why should we be shocked? When did he say this? What media outlets have carried it? Do you know of a link where I can see the video of him saying it? He is a disgrace. Will Hillary defend her senior senator from NY?

Kenny said...

The fact of the matter is that the Conservative media is again misrepresenting what Senator Schumer said! The Senator has stated over and over that he fully supports our troops. I heard the words the Senator used during his speech and they were very different from the words you put in your blog. Here is the Senator's actual quote:

"Let me be clear. The violence in Anbar has gone down despite the lousy job the US soldiers have done, not because of the US soldiers. The inability of US soldiers to protect these tribes from al-Qaida said to these tribes: we have to fight al-Qaida ourselves because the US soldiers are weak. It wasn't that the US soldiers brought peace here; it was that the warlords had to do the job the US soldiers couldn't, they created a temporary peace here, and that is because the US soldiers couldn't do it."

As you can see this quote is very different from the quote you posted. This quote proves that Senator Schumer supports our troops! If you disagree with what I'm saying then you are clearly a right wing fanatic.

Rich said...

Kenny: Thanks for clearing the quote up! It makes my case stronger for calling for Schumer to resign. To look at that comment and suggest he supports the troops suggests you are clearly blinded by partisanship.

Sheri: I believe Hugh Hewitt at has the video or audio posted. Not sure but I heard the audio on his radio show...

Anonymous said...

I just heard John Edwards talking to Wolf Blitzer, think it was from yesterday. Blitzer asked him if he agreed w/Schumer. Edwards said it has some merit. He thinks the troops have done some good (unlike Schumer who thinks they have done nothing good), but the war lords have decided that "THE AMERICAN PRESENCE" there is worse than the alternative so they better start
fighting. -- Sheri