Monday, September 17, 2007

It is time to stop the O.J. coverage now!

We’re watching OJ so who’s watching the important stuff? It’s a sad commentary on us; enough said…


Jay Emm said...

How timely!!
I'm a neighbor from the North [Canada] and obviously have no stake in US Elections etc, but I couldn't help commenting on the new obsession 'NOT ANOTHER OJ STORY'?
I so very much agree with you. None of us [either side of the border] need another distraction from mattters that matter.
What was that saying about Nero fiddling???
Best of luck. JM

Anonymous said...

You are so right. I'm starting to wonder who is obsessed with celebrity gossip, the media or the population. I'm thinking the media doesn't have the heart to do any heavy lifting to expose what is going on that will affect our country. APH

Kenny said...

I couldn't agree more...who cares about this guy and who wants to watch hours of people who don't know any more than you or me about the situation???? I mean...other than my wife...It drives me crazy when I'm flipping through the channels and Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS all have a story about this pitiful person!!!!! I'd rather be dragged behind a car on a gravel road face down than watch coverage of this nut.

Sheri said...

I have been mischaracterized! I do not want to see any OJ coverage on Hannity & Colmes, for example -- supposedly real political shows. Or, on Fox News Sunday. HOWEVER, if I happen to flip on Gretta Van Sustern's show, I expect to get an update on OJ. I think so many people feel like he got away with murder last time and want to see him put in jail at least for awhile now. That's why I watch, for about 10 mins. And I repeat, if I turn on a real political show, that's what I want to see; not OJ or Anna Nicole. If I want an update on them (which I really didn't want one on Anna Nicole), I will turn on Gretta. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.