Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It’s Not About Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage: This is about you…

Make no mistake, the assault and outright lies about what Rush Limbaugh supposedly said about the troops is outrageous! But make no mistake, this is an attempt to crush free speech through character assassinations and lies. The people that read this blog know this, but for all of the others that stumble upon us here, you need to know, this assault is on you! Rush Limbaugh is one of the strongest supporters of our troops and an outright defender of their mission, purpose, and individual courage. Anyone that listens to Rush knows this well, but what is really eye opening is how these politicians like Harry Reid are willing to lie bold face, with a straight face. This is scary, not surprising, but scary.

When you listen to the distortions and lies, it reveals the character of the politicians making these claims. They should be brought up on libel or at least have the guts to go on Rush’s show and face him to discuss the comments that have been distorted and taken totally out of context. But guess what, Harry Reid is a coward, liar, and despicable human being. I shiver when I watch the distortion and wonder, what else are they lying about? What else are they willing to say to convince you to support their position? How do you trust your government when there are people like Reid running it?

Harry Reid was the politician that surrendered for our troops in his infamous speech about how we “lost in Iraq”. He doesn’t know our troops, care about them, want them to succeed, he only wants them defeated and he has the nerve to question Rush? He is despicable and a disgrace to this nation. He should be run out of town and disgraced for these distortions and lies. But don’t count on the media to pursue the real story, they hate Rush as well. Rush represents you, and your freedom to speak, and they hate that. They hate you, through him. Yes they do…

Michael Savage is being harassed by the San Francisco political community because he tells it like it is. Michael is a bit more hard edge, but when you listen to him, on most topics he speaks for millions of Americans when he says we need to; protect our borders, language, and culture. I like him because I am a native New Yorker as he is, and I appreciate his demeanor and lack of control at times. He is one of the most under estimated talk show hosts on the circuit today.

What we need to be very careful of here is the use of these lies to impose “gag” orders or the “Fairness Doctrine” on these advocates of our rights. First it’s Rush and Michael, then it’s Shawn Hannity and Laura Ingraham, then it’s Michael Medved and Mike Gallagher, then it’s Hugh Hewitt and then it is you! Make no mistake, this about silencing you; period.

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