Friday, October 12, 2007

President Bush; why?

I have been trying my best to find some positive remaining characteristics of George Bush but he makes it harder every day. I am down to the war on terror. As far as illegal immigration goes, he has never been given a chance here. I know fundamentally, as do millions of Americans, that illegal immigration is bad for America in so many ways. I basically left the Republican Party because of the lack of judgment and conviction the party leaders have for our country today. But I was trying to be respectful and objective when discussing the president.

But any glimmer of respect I had is gone. Don’t expect me to become a Bush basher, that will most likely not happen, but I am outraged at his attempt to overturn a death sentence of an illegal alien that brutally raped and murdered two teenage Texas girls (American citizens). His excuse is he does not want to “strain” Mexican American relations. News to George Bush, they are strained already. We don’t want Mexico’s criminals, poor, undereducated, or skilled without going through the proper channels first. We are sick and tired of being called names for putting America first in our foreign policy strategy. I don’t give a rat_ a_ _ about what Mexico or any other country thinks of us. We know who we are and we are good!

Ask the parents of the teenage girls that were murdered by this illegal about the importance of our foreign policy with Mexico. I bet they would help build the wall to keep this scum out. I am and will never be for a “New World Order”. It doesn’t work and it never will unless it is done through force. And don’t be surprised when we keep catching them using these stealth tactics that they may end up turning to force, most likely political force. But be protective of your rights from speech to who we can elect.

Wake up folks. It is not just George Bush, it is the democrat and republican elites that want to undermine the US. Wake up and start kicking these bums out. They think they know better than us. They believe these murders, and believe me there are hundreds if not thousands tied to illegals, are just a price to pay to reach their vision of breaking down our national identity.

George Bush; shame on you for undermining this great nation, and shame on everyone that can’t see the threat of open borders to our future survival. We can’t allow the coddling of cold blooded killers in the name of improved foreign policy. This makes me sick…

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