Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doug Lamborn; Pursuing National Monument Status for Pike’s Peak?

OK, as a resident of the 5th Congressional District, of which Doug Lamborn is my representative in congress, I have to wonder, is the issue of making Pike’s Peak a national monument a reflection of Doug Lamborn’s congressional priorities? I look at the pending resolutions in the house against Turkey and its implications for our troops, I look at the illegal immigration problem, housing and credit crunch, I think Social Security (first baby boomer just retired), the assault on our healthcare system by the democrats , and I think; National Monument?

I know he has to multi task and take on the important issues along with the not so important issues, but did Rep Lamborn actually ask anyone if this was an issue or priority? I don’t get it. If I was the representative from the 5th district with 5 military bases and thousands of troops deployed, I would be parked outside Speaker Pelosi’s door arguing the impact of the Turkey resolution, building coalitions of republicans and democrats that have military families in their districts, and do whatever it took to kill the resolution. I would be fighting the Social Security, Healthcare, and National Security issues every day I was in Washington. I assume Doug is? I don’t know, he’s pretty stealth to me, and I look for news of our representatives time in Washington, and I don’t know what he’s doing? Do you?

OK, I admit, I hope to run against him in 2008, but he is a sitting duck in my opinion based on perception. Maybe he has a list of things he has accomplished that I don’t know about but if a National Monument is what he thinks will impress voters, he is mistaken. National Monument status brings along with it Federal “strings”, and jeopardizes one of our greatest tourist attractions, and one of the sources of our water supply; this is a status we can do without.

We need less government intervention not more which is what I thought Doug Lamborn touted in his election campaign. We are in a battle between conflicting approaches to government; democrats that believe government should be involved cradle to grave, and republicans (conservatives) that believe we need to provide a framework for individual people and business to flourish. So I ask, why does Doug want to encourage the Federal Government to start dabbling in the heart of our community? I am confused. I admit that’s not hard to do because I am just common Polk, so maybe someone can enlighten me. Doug has been in government for a long time. Maybe too long, if this is what he thinks is important to pursue. Just a thought…

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Anonymous said...

Keep attention focused on the earmarks our politicians seem to favor. APH