Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Poor Poor Hillary Clinton; Those Bad Boys…

The democratic field last night took shots at the only female in the crowd, and some are saying it wasn’t fair. I thought she was the strongest woman, smartest woman, and the right woman to lead the nation? This is little league compared to what she would be faced with if, God forbid, she made it to the White House.

The most telling thing about Hillary in last night’s debate was she has no core values to speak of, beyond an obsession with power. Don’t get me wrong, she will try her best to socialize this country and undermine our founding principles the best she can, but she knows she would be voted out after one term if she crosses a line; for now. I shudder to think of her government first and always principals being applied in small increments until one day we wake up and the America we know and love is gone.

So as the “boys” in the democratic party ask her the difficult questions like; do you support driver’s licenses for illegal’s, and she can’t say yes or no, we have the opportunity to understand that another Clinton in the White House is a really bad thing for this nation. I would be more comfortable with picking a president out of the phone book than have Hillary as our president.

I am hoping these questions about Hillary’s “experience”, her desire to socialize our healthcare, take control of how we raise our families, and her inability to answer a question directly, will sink into the voter's mind and give them pause at the ballot box. I don’t expect the democrats voting in the primaries will mind her complete dichotomy from the nation as a whole, but I really hope the general electorate catches on before it is too late. Just a thought…

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Anonymous said...

The Dems are never going to figure out how to beat Hilary. They don't have the gall to really go after her.

I read a great commentary on Hilary, it is a good thing that none of the other dems have seen this. If they take the author's advice they may actually win.

Here is the link: