Thursday, October 18, 2007

Politicians Butt Out of Our Business Until You Fix Yours!

We often here our politicians pontificating about how business should operate. They often say there should be quality control initiatives in place to reduce defects. They talk about how business disregards the consumer’s health or safety, and we know they are always telling us how we need to protect the children! So they pass laws to impose their will on business.

They impose wage laws to tell businesses what they should pay, who they should hire, what type of healthcare they should provide to their employees. They consistently are telling business how they should operate and wonder why they can’t compete in the global market place.

If you look at the makeup of our political class and the time they have spent actually running or working in a business, a question comes to mind; what makes them experts in business? Actually, if you take a look at the government, which you could argue is their “business”, you think to yourself; these folks have chutzpa!

Let’s review their “business” operations:

• Social Security is going bankrupt because it is structured as a ponzi scheme.
Any private sector business operating this way would be closed for racketeering.
• Social Services have destroyed the family by focusing their benefits
toward single mothers with children. Their original mission was to help people
that needed temporary assistance while they trained for a new job. The goal was
a helping hand in a time of need. It was not intended to be a way of life. Based
on the “temporary” nature they were set up for, they have failed. Dependency
grows and no one challenges their “operations”??
• Education standards set
by the Federal Government, if followed, would dumb this country down to the
point we couldn’t get a job washing dishes. Lowest common denominator is their
mantra. Public schools in inner cities support the cycle of poverty. Instead of
allowing local communities to handle education, they have built a bureaucracy
that sucks the life out of local education; grade F.
• Healthcare programs
like Medicare and Medicaid are rampant with fraud and inefficiency and they are
lobbying to take over the private sector, Huh! Veterans hospitals are an example
of government’s “expertise” in healthcare; enough said. Well, one more word,
given the choice after suffering a heart attack, do you choose a private
hospital in the US or a government run one in the UK or Canada?
• The
Federal Budget (stop laughing they do have something they call a budget) never
seems to have to be balanced, why is that? I am a Director in a business and let
me tell you, you don’t get away with running deficits like the government and
keep your job.

So you tell me, why would we allow the people that are responsible for running the government like this, to tell business what to do? Do we want to keep sending these people back to Washington with a record like this? The nerve of these politicians! With a record like this I would not be bringing attention to myself but maybe that is how they cover it up. The idea that they think they should be telling business how to operate is appalling. When will we as voters learn? When will we implement term limits? Let’s throw these incompetent people out and start improving the government just like they expect us to improve our businesses. Just a thought…

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Anonymous said...

Everything you've said is so true. The Founding Fathers I believe wanted people who understood what it was like to run a business and to stay in gov't. for a short time and then return to the private sector. APH