Monday, October 29, 2007

Governor Spitzer; Do You Think We're Stupid?

Is it too much to ask citizens of this country to have a valid driver’s license? How did it get to the point that needing an ID to operate a vehicle or to vote is an infringement on civil liberties? It defies logic to me. This issue has come to a head in NY where the Governor wants the people in the state of NY and this country illegally, to have the same ID citizens have. Make sense? Of course not, but you have to ask; what is the true motive here?

Is it really to make our roads safer as the Governor suggests? Or is it a more sinister motive of buying votes and creating this “New World Order” that the elites in our country want to move toward? Fortunately the plan has not survived because if it did, New Yorker’s would no longer be able to use their driver’s license as legitimate ID outside of NY. The airlines would have to request a passport or other type of legitimate ID because under the original plan, illegal’s would have the same ID as law abiding citizens.

Now there will be 3 levels of driver’s licenses available in NY, one “super secure” for legitimate citizens, a second tier for “not so super secure”, and one for illegal’s. That’s much simpler than one license for citizen’s period. Leave it to the government to make the process more efficient and simplified. It is programs like this where I wonder; why we don’t have the government running everything we need, like healthcare? It would be so much more efficient to have bureaucrats instead of business people running everything. Don’t you agree?

The good thing here is that illegal’s will not come forward anyway because now you have basically set up a program to identify those illegally living in NY. For example; a cop pulls over a person for speeding and asks for their license. They provide the one stamped with the big ILLEGAL CITIZEN sticker on it and the officer says, come with me. He puts them on a bus back to their country and we have one less illegal in NY and our country. Actually this would be a good idea if the illegal’s were as stupid as the Governor of NY thinks we are! Just a thought…


Anonymous said...

Only in New York!! This is his compromise to quiet his opponents. Unbelievable. APH

Sheri said...

I don't even have to read your blog to answer the title question: YES! He thinks we are stupid!