Sunday, April 12, 2009

It is so much more than hope…

Our president campaigned on the idea of hope but what is hope? I hope I get a good grade on my test. But if I haven’t studied or done the work necessary in class what is the likelihood I will get good grades?

I hope the economy gets better; but what is the likelihood it will get better if we stand by and let our government spend us into oblivion?

I hope the rest of the world likes us now that we no longer have a president that tells the truth. But the reality is that under our last president we were respected for taking the action necessary to pass on hope to the people formally suppressed by their past leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is more than words that deliver hope. Just ask anyone in the military.

Hope is an emotion that expresses our desires. Actions are what actually turn those desires into reality. So we can hope for better days ahead but if we don’t demand the correct action or allow for actions that jeopardize our future you can flush hope down the drain because hope will never become reality if you don’t act.

Action can be as simple as getting informed about what this administration and their actions are truly trying to accomplish. Is it better to take money and freedom from individuals and give it to faceless bureaucrats to make decisions as important as your livelihood, healthcare, and education? Or is it best that we as individuals keep more of what we make so we can choose what is best for us individually?

A little research and analysis will most likely drive you to the conclusion that we the people are the best determinants of hope for this nation not some arrogant bunch of politicians and lobbyists in Washington. Act on your own behalf and we will all prosper from your actions. It has been the foundation and reason we are the wealthiest, most respected, and compassionate nation on earth. That is not arrogance; that is a fact. I hope you agree…

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