Tuesday, April 28, 2009

State Sponsored Racism and Public Education Policy…

The congress recently refused to continue funding of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program created to give minority youth a chance at a real education not a government sponsored one. Was the program successful at improving education for minorities? Yes, students in the program leapt 18 months ahead in their level of education. Was the program affordable? Yes it was half the cost of a normal public education in DC ($7500 program vs. $15,000 public tax cost for public education). So what was the problem?

Control and Racism.

The current bureaucrats believe that Black and Hispanic kids are inferior to white kids and therefore need government help. They would not benefit from the education the private sector would provide. They are not that smart and could not compete; bull,,,. The problem is that “government help” in education is actually the shackles that are holding back Black Americans and Hispanics from the American Dream. That’s right just look at the facts. Black and minority graduation and literacy results compared to whites are profound. Black children stuck in the public system have been getting these results for 30 years and it isn’t money. DC, NY, Chicago, Detroit spend at least as much and often more like in DC ($15,000 per child) and still the failure rate is twice that of white communities. Now you might say there is an income disparity between whites and blacks. Right again, and that’s because less white people by percentage of population count on the government to provide a better life for them. White communities are more engaged in driving the education of their children instead of relying on the government. Here again the government presumption is they cannot compete and are somehow inferior (government sponsored racism). Any educated person knows that counting on the government is synonymous to failure. The government has a motive to keep minority children ignorant to what they could achieve if given the chance to be in control of where they go to school.

The true intent of government controlling education is to control their political future. Educated kids pose a threat to the ignorance of voting for people that believe in the government collective over the individual. If you look at what our kids are passionate about in public schools it is recycling, “global warming”, the homeless, global citizenship, and diversity. This focus is not designed around reasoned thought like good stewardship of the earth but rather political movements based on a misunderstanding of the facts and science. It is a political agenda controlled by special interests that can control curriculum much easier in a public system than one controlled by the common sense of parents. If kids are kept ignorant of the facts, science, and constitution of this great nation the easier it is to destroy individual freedom over collective control of the statists.

I went to high school in New York City as a minority white youth in a mostly black and Hispanic school. My heart breaks to see that over thirty years later Black Americans are still falling prey to the lure of a government that promises a brighter future through public education but anyone willing to look at the results must ask; what does the government have against our wonderful brethren in the black community? If they really wanted to end government sponsored racism the education system would tie the money to the child and give them and their parents the choice of where they would like to go to school. This would unleash an education revolution in the minority community that would guarantee the success of our Black communities. That is what I pray for because I know the potential every American has if they count on themselves for success instead of the government. The first step is to unlock the shackles of public education…

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