Monday, April 20, 2009

It’s the education system; Stupid…

We are graduating kids that are passionate about three things; diversity, recycling, and global warming. Just look at any college campus to see the ignorance our K-12 system is producing and the case is closed. We have kids that can’t formulate an argument about any matter of civics, American history or government so they resort to name calling and insults. They don’t have any background on the US Constitution so they spew out concepts like free speech as if they know what it means, at the same time interupting speech on campus that disagrees with their views.

We are in a time where we have too many Americans disconnected from their great history and have been “assaulted” with daily offerings of how terrible we are as a nation and must change. We are racist, too religious, too proud of our flag, the military are killers, selfish, greedy, polluters, using up the world’s resources at an unsustainable pace, killing the seals, polar bears, whales, and on and on and on the lies are perpetuated with little opposing argument.

We have been undermining our foundation, culture, and country, and we are surprised that Obama tramples the constitution at will? Ask any ten people walking down the street if they have read the constitution and you will be astounded (or not) with the result. The answer to our survival is education, not government education but a new way of educating our children.

Have you read some of the text books our kids are using? They are at best a spattering of useful information at worst propaganda that undermines our future. We need to take control of educating our youth away from the bureaucrats that have an agenda. We know what our kids need and it isn’t indoctrination to global warming and diversity at the exclusion of everything else.

We need to teach our constitution through the entire education experience. We need to free ourselves from government controlled schools by tying all funding to the child so we as parents can control where and who educates our kids.

We need to bring in teachers that have had experience in the real world instead of hiring right out of college. There are so many individuals that would be willing to share their experience and knowledge if we reformed the way we hire teachers.

We need to look at education in a 21st century way. So much has changed in the world and we still educate in the same old way. We need to encourage more Home Schools and alternative schools. It is not about buildings and committees, it about kids and learning.

There are great examples of schools that get it. It is time that we as a nation stop allowing generations of kids to go through failing systems never having the blessing of a great education. We need kids that can articulate an argument without getting frustrated. We need kids that realize they live in the greatest country in the world because of one document; Our Constitution. And we need a generation of kids that understand the sacrifice of our predecessors, are proud of the contribution this country has given to this world, and understands it all begins with individual freedom, not the government…


Anonymous said...

Amen, to a well written post.

Anonymous said...

You are so right!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!