Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter; example of why we are in decline…

Arlene Specter yesterday announced he was changing political parties and whichever party gets him deserves him. The real sadness is he is not what we the people deserve. But unfortunately he represents what most politicians in Washington represent; themselves. The value of “public service” has always been suspect for me but now my suspicions have been completely confirmed.

Term limits is the only way to fix DC. Reducing power in DC and distributing it back to the states where it belongs will reduce the influence that special interests and selfish politicians have today. It is so much easier to steal the taxpayer’s money in DC than in the state house, than in the county, than in the city, than in the community.

Trust is gone, values are on life support, and politicians are marching us toward ruin while we stand by and take it. Tea parties are a start but it is beyond that. We need to start the nullification process at the state level of all unconstitutional federal spending. We need a constitutional panel at the state level to figure out the best way to starve the feds of their funding.

It can be done with the right approach and a deliberate process that would make our founders proud. They gave us a miracle and we are throwing it away. Educating people on the constitution and tenth amendment is a start but it needs to be positioned beyond just constitutional; it needs to be presented as the common sense it represents.

Simple questions like; how does taking more money from productive people to build useless bridges in Alaska improve other state’s citizens? If they need a bridge they can build it. Why should the taxpayers be funding abortions in Africa? What gives the federal government the right to take taxes for that? What gives the federal government the right to take state tax dollars for education and then to get their own money back; the state has to bow to federal extortion that results in driving the pledge out of the classroom and gay marriage into the curriculum?

Why would we send money to a government that is creating regulations to undermine our businesses like cap and trade? Why would we believe that anyone in Washington represents the interest of the citizens of the 50 states? Do you really believe your interests are being represented?

The federal government can be reduced by 50% and there would be few that would notice. That reduction could be used to bolster individual state issues that need attention. Bring the money and power home. All we have to do is abide by the constitution, apply the tenth amendment, and implement a nullification process for all programs that are not outlined in the constitution…

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