Thursday, April 30, 2009

What’s Wrong with America; Mr Obama?

Our president keeps suggesting he is going to “remake” America? In order to re-make America there must be a presumption of something that is wrong. So if there is a specific you can share with us that would be helpful.

Here’s what I think is wrong with America:

• America is putting up with people like the president who criticize America on some philosophical ground without detail.
• The government is too big and filled with people that have no idea what the constitution stands for.
• Too many people allowing government to get into things they shouldn’t.
• Special interests having a strong hold on our tax dollars because too many tax dollars go through Washington.
• We have moved too far from our founding father’s vision.

The greatness of America:

I can only write a couple of things here because we have so much greatness it would take a book to detail each one; a really big book!

• Our constitution
• Our military
• Our people
• Our generosity and compassion
• Our Christian principles
• Our republic
• Our free markets
• Our states
• Our freedom

Unfortunately I think this president is trying to change the things we believe are the greatness of America. He is not even looking at the government reform necessary to enable our continued prosperity into the future.

I watch this president and am amazed at his arrogance to stand there and lecture big business while the government organizations that he should be focused on continue to steal our money and flush it down the toilet every second of every day. Not because the people in government are evil, just that as George Washington and our founders knew; government is a necessary evil that must be kept to the smallest size necessary to provide security from our enemies both domestic and foreign. Unfortunately the domestic enemies of this nation have made their way into the same government they should be containing…

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Anonymous said...

Great analysis! he won't say it but it is clear Obama looks at the US as being the biggest problem in the world!!!