Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is Extreme?

The UK has banned radio talk show host Michael Savage from entering the country based on “… the standards and values we live by…” stated Home Secretary of the UK, Jacqui Smith. It is sited that Mr. Savage has views about Islam that are inflammatory along with other untrue accusations.

As the Homeland secretary bans Mr. Savage for stating truths about radical Islam, in London’s largest Mosque the seeds of revolution and culture clashes are brewing with fomenting hate. The UK’s Islamic community is speaking out in the open about forcing Islam on the rest of the world including their host the UK.

I think the Homeland Secretary has a home grown problem on her hands that deserves real attention. To demonize Mr. Savage for what we here in America consider our rights under the US Constitution; free speech, petitioning our government, and open debate is not a good use of her time.

She has the most extreme elements of a religion dedicated to the destruction of Britain’s way of life right under her nose and she is wasting her time banning a good American like Mr. Savage. I know she thinks this would be popular here but she is wrong. She will have increased this already popular talk show host’s audience, and they will be much more comfortable with Mr. Savages agenda compared to the agenda of the extreme radicals Ms. Smith is ignoring. Just a thought…

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