Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama VS. Cheney : The choice is clear…

There are so many reasons that Dick Cheney is right regarding national security. His arguments are eloquent and full of facts. The biggest fact being his administration’s track record on terrorist attacks since 9/11 has been perfect. He is not packaging his rhetoric in grand illusions of some utopian argument he is simply and concisely making his case on solid ground. Obama is short on facts and long on theory. Misguided theory.

Here are the differences I see:

· Cheney argues from fact, Obama from wishful and misguided thinking.

· Cheney loves this nation, Obama blames this nation.

· Cheney respects our military; completely, Obama respects the people in the military but not their mission or objective.

· Cheney believes we are the moral authority in the world, Obama believes our moral authority is a recruitment tool for terrorists.

· Cheney thinks his plan through before taking action, Obama announces his plan before thinking the ramifications through.

· Cheney understands our government has an obligation to protect Americans, Obama believes our government has some obligation to concede our security to the rest of the world including terrorist nations.

· Cheney has been in the Executive and Legislative branches of government for over 30 years, Obama was a community organizer working with an organization that is under investigation, and a Senator that never finished his first term mostly voting “here”.

· Cheney believes we should protect this nations prisons and court systems by keeping terrorists away from the US, Obama wants to grant terrorist’s rights under our constitution, and introduce these cancerous individuals into our courts and prisons to influence other mal contents already there.

· Cheney is an adult; Obama is akin to the 60’s radicals that if given enough rope by the people will hang this nation.

I urge you to listen intently to the two men argue our national security policy and ask yourself who makes you feel more secure? Exactly; give me Dick Cheney any day…

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Anonymous said...

"Cheney loves this nation"---thanks for the best laugh I've had in months.