Friday, May 8, 2009

The move toward “emotional economics” will pressure free speech…

The Obama administration is reading up on a new economic theory in the book “Animal Spirits” which believes “ideas and feelings” drive the economy independent of the real data. I believe there is definitely truth in that theory since consumer spending is 70% of the economy and consumers don’t spend when they “feel” scared of the future.

So as this administration that likes to act like Don Vito Corleone of the Godfather tries to talk up their economic plan and the economy they will try to use their strong arm tactics to silence their critics; mostly talk radio and the internet. We are entering a true fight for the heart and soul of America and this is serious business. These democrats, and I use this term loosely because I believe most people that consider themselves democrats do not believe the same way this administration does, will start ratcheting up the smear tactics they need to silence the truth.

The truth is that all the positive rhetoric in the world doesn’t change the fact that the economic “foundation” of this administration’s policies have been tried and failed all around the world. Equal outcome and government interference in the economy never and can never work. America is addicted to debt and this will ruin us. It is ruining individual families and it will ruin this nation. We need to scale back on spending, increase our savings, reduce our debt, and embrace the principles of hard work and patience. Having cash to purchase goods besides a house and car needs to make a comeback.

We are approaching 10% unemployment and Michelle Obama is joking about everyone having a chief of staff and a bunch of servants. That kind of disconnect is a symbol of how far we have drifted from the White House being a house of the people. These current inhabitants are so enamored with power they have no sense of what real America is. They can joke and talk up the economy all they want but the reality is in every household in America there is fear and concern about this out of control government we have at the federal level.

They will try to shut us up. They will try to destroy legitimate criticism. They will try to destroy talk radio. Just like they are about to destroy our economic engine of freedom; capitalism… They must be stopped by educating the people of their true intentions; power OVER the people…

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