Thursday, May 7, 2009

It is too big to fail…

The protection of our freedom and way of life is just too big to fail. We must stop thinking about changing the federal government by working in the system. The system they have devised in Washington DC is too complex and out of control to tame any longer. Even a Reagan would have no luck with today’s problems.

The change must come at the state level. More and more state legislatures and Governors are passing resolutions addressing their constitutional obligation to run their own states without federal intrusion. This is a good start. At the state level most have budget requirements that force the state to balance the budget which is good. But there is a movement to rescind that requirement. There is a push to create another bureaucracy called the “National Bailout Agency”.

This new agency would be responsible for providing states with federal money to balance state budgets so the state doesn’t have to cut spending or raise taxes. Who are these people and what planet do they come from? They also want to allow states to run deficits for the “short” term at the state level. We know what Washington DC considers “short” term.

We must resist all of these efforts and get back to a little common sense. We must pay down our debt and get back to our moral fabric of hard work, and right and wrong. We all know it is wrong what this country is doing to our children’s future. They are stealing the miracle of our constitutional freedoms.

Here is the only way to stop it now. Even though we can’t change Washington we can stop sending our money there to be wasted. The next step the states must take is to form a coalition to reinvigorate the constitutional debate about the federal government’s ability to tax the citizens beyond what it costs to operate the truly constitutional requirements of our federal government like defense.

I don’t think anyone will argue as states we should not pay for defense. So that is an easy one, every state will pay for defense. We do need a state department but one that is a lot smaller and more focused on the economic trade agreements throughout the world. And it is necessary to have the rules of the land supported that create a consistent and sound set of laws that we all abide by.

Here’s what we don’t need from DC; a department of education. We don’t need a department of transportation. We don’t need a department of Health and Human Services. We don’t need welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Bailouts, the UN, at the federal level just to name a few.

We need to eliminate federal withholding of income taxes at the individual and corporate level. The states need to collect a flat rate of 15% federal and 15% state income taxes and pay the federal portion to the federal government on behalf of their constituents. In general withholding taxes by the employer disguises the true cost of government from the individual, and every individual must be aware of what it is costing them to run the government services they receive or pay for. And every citizen should have to pay so that every citizen has skin in the game.

We need to starve the pig in DC. If there is no funding source for their utopia we can stop the madness. We need to push the government functions as close to the people as possible. I would suggest all services must be administered at the local level and we need to reduce those services as much as possible because they rob individuals of their true potential and dreams.

Fighting in DC has become a waste of time. We must elect representatives and governors that understand; government growth is freedoms greatest enemy. They must understand the founder’s miracle of self rule on moral principles. They must truly read and understand the constitution before becoming our representative. They must be willing to resist the name calling they will receive as radical right wing nuts. Because if these individuals read the constitution they will find their beliefs are held by good company; those original “radical right wing nuts” namely our Founding Fathers…

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