Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is Not Immigration, It’s An Invasion!

Immigration, both legal and illegal reached 37.9 MILLION in 2007! One in three is estimated to be illegal. If I am doing the math correctly that is 12 MILLION illegal’s in 2007 alone.

"The last seven years have been the highest period of immigration in American
history," the report said. "Immigrants and their young children (under 18) now
account for one-fifth of the school-age population, one-fourth of those in
poverty and nearly one-third of those without health insurance."
accounts for nearly all of the national increase in public school enrollment
over the past two decades, the report said. In 2007, there were 10.8 million
school-age children from immigrant families in the United States — about one in
five of the nation's school-age kids.

No wonder our schools are not improving. When you have this many kids that can’t speak English or have come from countries where education is as poor as Mexico’s, how does this impact the citizens of our country that have no choice but to educate their kids in these schools? Not to mention the costs to the taxpayers. That is why tracking the immigrants’ coming to this country is so important. The system is being overwhelmed by the number of uneducated people entering the country. I ask you; if your kid’s school was falling behind because of this issue, would you accept it, or change it? If they were showing up in the ritzy suburbs of NY or LA instead of the poor sections of the country, would the response be different?

We will sink under the weight of this failure to secure our border. This is an invasion that needs the resources of the US Military. We need to station our Military on the border until the fence is complete. Using the military on the border is justified because we are under invasion from, terrorists, drug cartels, criminals, all from foreign countries. The expense is minimal compared to the costs of our education systems, healthcare systems, and our freedom.

It is time to stop pandering to the liberal interest groups that believe that our nation’s borders are discriminatory. We are one nation under God, unless we can’t protect our border. Without a border there is no nation. God is already under assault and being removed from our culture. When will we wake up? God help us…


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