Tuesday, November 6, 2007

77% of Americans get it right on illegal immigration!

This poll found that democrats, republicans, and independents agree; illegal immigrants should not be able to get a driver license. Many also support giving police the authority to arrest illegals when they find them on routine traffic stops.

And of course, Hillary is still dancing around the issue of illegal’s getting a drivers license. She is asked again about her position and she again avoids the issue which says she is for giving licenses to illegals. This is going to give her trouble in the general election and that is good for this country. Maybe, just maybe democrats will wake up and see her for who she is, and that’s really good for the 77% of Americans that disagree with her. Just a thought…

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Anonymous said...

A grandson of mine had his leased car almost totaled, while parked, by an illegal alien with a driver's license but no insurance. If this account of the accident is verified, it makes Gov. Spitzer's idea of licenses for illegals passe. APH