Friday, November 2, 2007

Tomorrow is my birthday…

My birthday wishes:
· My family’s health and well being continues to be well and strong.
· My cousin Kathleen in Iraq stays safe while fighting for our freedom. Please say a prayer for her.
· My fellow citizens realize that America is not the problem, it is the solution.
· Hillary can’t recover from her recent stand on illegal’s getting drivers licenses.
· American’s actually read the Koran and learn what our enemies true intentions are. If that is too much work, visit the Conservative Beach Girl Blog to get daily analysis on the “religion of peace”.
· In 2008 all the current politicians get thrown out of office and we start with real people not career politicians.
· All of my friends and family members pursue their dreams and enjoy the journey.
· Finally, my wish that I can be a better person everyday!


Sheri said...

Have a great bday Rich! Do you have any contact info for Kathleen yet? We would like to send something to her/her unit. Thanks! Love to the rest of the Colorado Hand's!

Kenny said...

Happy Birthday! I'll try to call you later.

Anonymous said...

Rich...thank you for mentioning Kathleen in your comments..the book was very witty !! Maybe you could arrange a book signing on December 30th in NJ at the family get together. It would be a great opportunity for us to see you and you to meet many of your cousins. Your favorite uncle Ken (