Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not to pick on Spitzer but…

He is making it really easy (Spitzer Abandons Amazon Tax). One day after he retreated on the illegal driver’s license, he has now squashed his efforts to impose an internet tax on the online distributor, He was about to force New Yorker’s to pay 8% sales tax when purchasing from the online retailer. Now I want to be fair here, Spitzer is not the only politician chomping at the bit to get a “piece” of the enormous revenue crossing the internet these days. Politicians all around the country are scheming to get more money from you through this avenue.

This is an issue we must diligently appose because it has HUGE ramifications in so many arenas of the internet. The internet has become the great equalizer of giant corporations and one man operations, like me. Small business has flourished over the internet as has the freedom to compete in the arena of ideas. Start taxing it and we start losing our freedoms rapidly, and we tip the scales of business in favor of large corporations that often have little loyalty to the nation that enabled their opportunity to flourish.

The best thing we can do to stop this train of government infringement and higher taxes is to vote them all out. Radical? I don’t think so. We have a pervasive attitude in government that when the government needs money, they have the right to just take it from the citizens. Instead of looking at ways to be more efficient in government, they take the easy route; increase the amount of money coming in, to perpetuate the inefficiencies they have created. Business can’t operate like that and neither should the government.

We have so much waste and inefficiency in all levels of government that we need to put a stop on all revenue increases to the government. Let them start moving the money around from department to department and reduce the areas that are no longer needed or have redundancy. The government has become a jobs program and it must end now. Our future depends on getting this beast under control, not finding new ways to bilk the citizenry as Spitzer is trying to do.

Let’s wake up and take a chance on some newbie’s to the political arena, like me. Find a candidate in your area that deserves a chance. I believe it is our only chance. Just a thought…

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