Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Approval Rating; Congress 20% vs. Bush 32%

Is it any wonder the approval ratings are where they are when you look at the people that occupy the offices in those great halls of congress? It is mostly made up of people that are not so great. They actually have contempt toward the people they represent. Take the illegal immigration debate for a recent example. Take Nancy Pelosi’s recent comment that the EEOC should sue businesses for requiring employees to speak English. Look at the Social Security disaster that is getting closer and closer. Take anything Kennedy, Waxman, Clinton, Schumer propose for this country, and you see that 20% is actually very high.

Why is it that we can’t implement term limits for congress? 8 years for the House and 12 Years for the Senate? Why is it OK for the President and not the congress? I have done some anecdotal research, and I have concluded there is a direct correlation between the length of time a member serves in congress, and there likelihood of disregarding the will of their constituency. The longer politicians are in office, the more likely they lose their ability to understand, or the will to protect, the true intentions of our founders and the constitution. The more likely they are to hold a minority opinion on any issue important to the American public.

We must take the opportunity to make our voices heard in the 2008 election. We must have the courage to send a message to both parties that we are done with the lack of leadership and understanding of what the real problems are, and the right solutions to correct the problems. We must fix the foundation before we rebuild the house. We must get rid of the current crop of “leaders” and restructure the way the house operates. We must get rid of the incentive to raise money above the incentive to raise he..!

It is time to invest in our future prosperity. The first down payment is to get a new crop of leaders that are willing to shake it up. We need to elect people that will let their actions in congress be their campaign strategy. We must break the quid pro quo of the current funding of elections. We must start from the beginning, and that is only going to happen if you begin to take a stake in your future. I have confidence that the American people will wake up in this election. I may be crazy but I have a feeling…

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