Thursday, June 28, 2012

Go Ahead, Make Me Pay!

It is a very sad day in America. The pot has come to a boil and we are now all feeling the burn. The constitution is nothing but a piece of paper. Yeah! It is given lip service by politicians but in reality it has become useless words because the SCOTUS has become a political body.

The SCOTUS has become nothing more than an instrument to undermine and legitimize federal expansion. Just look at the process to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. It is no longer legal minds it is political hacks. There is an obvious solution and it lies within the constitution and it is tied to the Tenth Amendment; nullification!

It is now the states and the people that must revolt against this out of control federal monstrosity. It is time for civil discourse. It is time to take a stand: Go Ahead Make Me Pay! It is time as a people to force the federal government to throw every one of us in jail for not complying with this assault on our freedom.

This is now the real deal folks. This is now the rallying cry for any patriot that believes in the principles of this great nation. It is time to band together and force this government to comply with our demands. It is we the people’s government and our politicians need to know that.

I have heard the Tea Party is dead? Is it? The disgust is palpable and it is no longer good enough to just vote. We need to band together at every attempt of this government to mandate our compliance and say no more. This is our government not theirs.

So out of the ashes of our constitutional shredding by the SCOTUS today will come a new revolution? This is the shot heard around the world. It is no longer enough to just talk about it. It is time for action. It is time for civil disobedience.

Mitt Romney needs to say one thing: total repeal. The he_ _ with replace. The market will replace this with a system that will actually work and be affordable.

It is time…

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