Monday, June 18, 2012

More than a “Knucklehead” Lamborn is out of touch…

If you look at the reason Joel Hefley, former representative in CD5, chose to address Lamborn as a “knucklehead”, it was the casual comments made by Lamborn that I am sure he thought no one would question. Typical of career politicians who think they can say things and get away with it Doug Lamborn probably never expected Joel Hefley to respond, but he did and Joel called Doug Lamborn a “knucklehead.”

The more important statement former representative Joel Hefley made was his comment about Lamborn’s past campaigns: “We know, and it’s documented, that Doug is very casual with the truth in campaigns, and I don’t like that” and neither should voters. Hefley also stated “It showed me that Doug is either ignorant or dishonest” and as voters do we want either of those traits in our congressman?

I was really disturbed during the Gazette TV interview when Doug Lamborn stated he was really “surprised” that anyone would have the gall (my taste of the tone) to run against “the most conservative member of congress” as if voters were somehow stupid to want a real leader in congress that understands the real issues of business and the economy. He was dripping with the arrogance of a career politician entitled to his seat.

I am so tired of politicians on both sides that think they have any “entitlement” to serve beyond the will of the people that send them there. If nothing else, the voters of CD 5 in Colorado can send a real conservative message which is we are quite capable of self- governance. We the people can determine who the best representative is to send to congress. And we certainly understand when someone is getting a bit too big for their own good. It is obvious from Doug lamborn’s actions to accept lobbyist money for travel, his attacks on the businesses in our community, and his lack of ability to move the conservative debate forward but references sitting on committees as an accomplishment that he has gotten too comfortable with the way things get done in Washington DC.

So if we don’t like the way things get done in DC, why would we send someone back that seems to be falling into the trappings we as voters deplore? We have a choice and many of us have made it already, and that choice is Robert Blaha.

If you haven’t voted I urge you to send a message to Doug Lamborn that we know what we are doing when we vote for our representative. His view of the voters as too stupid to realize what a good thing he is for us is enough to send him packing for me…

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