Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lamborn: Surprised by Competition…

Today on Gazette TV, Lamborn acted surprised that anyone would challenge “one of the most conservative members of congress,” questioning Robert Blaha’s gall to challenge him. I have to tell you Lamborn drips of arrogance. He has palpable contempt for the voter.

The good news is the Lamborn campaign must be worried because the ads are getting more and more desperate - distorting the Robert Blaha story. But the light Lamborn is shining is one that shows the lack of leadership and effectiveness he has shown as a 3 term congressman. It shines the light on his cowardice to face his challenger and constituents.

My guess is that most CD5 GOP primary voters have made up their mind and already voted but it could come down to a few votes. So if you haven’t voted yet you need to know our current representative did not answer the charge of lobbyist funded trips or his use of earmarks in a direct answer. He also continues to lie about his challenger in ads instead of facing him in person.

We don’t need a follower in congress that is being told how to vote and who to talk to and when. We need a citizen that has a passion for this country and knows the challenges we face. I encourage you to vote Robert Blaha. Doug Lamborn does not deserve another term.

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