Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is Doug Lamborn History?

Did the voters in the GOP primary decide they have had enough of Doug Lamborn, incumbent congressman D5 Colorado? We will know at about 7:30 tonight.

I am not much for predictions but I have not been this confident about an outcome in a long time. I believe the GOP voters in CD5 have had enough of politics as usual and are ready for real change. Not the kind of change Obama talks about but the kind of change the Tea Party talks about. Accountable, smaller, and more efficient government.

Doug Lamborn has shown he is just another politician willing to fit into a broken system with no real plan to fix the problems we can all see so clearly from afar. The congressman has become too close to the people that run this dysfunctional system that needs to use earmarks to fund even the most basic needs of our military like armor. Our congressman is suggesting through his ads that the only way to get armor for our troops is by using the broken process of earmarks. If that is how Washington works and the people there have no interest in fixing it then we need new people representing us.

Elections are determined by fundamental aspects of each candidate. Core values, positions on issues, abilities and experience, and likability. On core values both candidates are good family men that value their families. They both believe in the constitution and to be fair Doug Lamborn has voted the way most of us would have on legislation. When it comes to abilities and experience the two men part ways.

Robert Blaha hands down has the practical experience and a proven ability to lead. He has been building teams to improve efficiencies in a number of different companies. He has proven he knows how to be successful in the private sector. And he has definitely shown leadership in his past and as a candidate. I have interviewed Robert twice and his “likability factor” is very strong.

Our congressman has shown that he can vote. His private sector experience is almost nil and we definitely know he can take directions from his supporters and donors. He has been accused of “deceptive campaigning” in every contested election which makes you wonder about his character. His leadership is lacking and his judgment is horrible as displayed in his determination to crush the free exchange of ideas by interfering in the candidate vetting process of the Gazette. He does not take criticism well and lashes out when challenged. This all makes for a very low "likability factor.”

That is why today at some time this evening we will be looking at a new representative for Colorado CD5. My prediction is a close race within 3 – 4%. But I have little doubt that the winner will be Robert Blaha. Even with the special interest arm bending that is going on behind the scenes, I believe there are enough voters willing to throw out “the most conservative” voting congressman in Washington for a leader that will proudly fight for conservative principles in DC. Oh, and yes he will vote conservative but we can expect so much more…

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