Saturday, March 28, 2009

Climate Terrorism…

Move over Bin Laden there’s a new terrorist in town; the UN and its “climate change” plan. The UN is pursuing a policy that falsely uses a global warming pretense to undermine capitalism and prosperity. And our president is in total agreement with this insanity.

The UN is an organization that is so mismanaged it is laughable but the policies they pursue are not. Normally I would not pay attention to the UN because no sane individual would give them any credence but we now have a group in the White House and congress that could make this effort possible.

If you think carbon credits charged to business are a good idea think about this; the price of gas will go to $8 a gallon, your monthly utility bill will triple and your freedom to travel, stay warm in your home, and so many other things we take for granted will be monitored by some global police force. That is why the “smart” grid is so dangerous.

It never seems to end with these people. Obama and his ilk are trying to destroy the American experiment along with the dream it provides to every American under the constitution. We need to start studying up on our constitution. It will be the only thing that will save us if we make the effort to understand it and apply it to this bunch of globalists in our White House.

We need to defund the UN and move it out of America. It is an anti American organization just like the administration we have in the White House…

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