Monday, March 23, 2009

The world’s cheapest car launched today in India…

Take a look at the new “Tata Nano” and see our future. If we allow the government to continue its massive takeover of business and unchecked expansion, this will be the best we can hope for in the future.

With the government tinkering in the car business, is this push to mediocrity really that farfetched? We may actually be lucky to get a car like this one if Barney Frank and Barack Obama are in charge. They have never had a real job in their lives and now they want to run every private industry under the sun?

2010 cannot come quick enough for me. There was an Orlando “tea party” over the weekend that drew over 4000 people. It is a great sign of the times to come. We need more and more gatherings to protest this gross mishandling of the US Constitution.

We are living a nightmare. We must protect our freedoms and stop this lunacy the best we can until the elections get here. They can’t come soon enough for me. How about you?

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