Monday, March 30, 2009

The Peasant Class No Need to Worry…

Obama is “fighting” for you. He wakes up every day working to help you achieve the American dream. A dream that is being squandered by the same man promising everyone the benefits that come from it. The same man that believes that if you make a dollar more than the next guy then you should share that dollar. A man with total disregard for American individualism and the US constitution.

He speaks as if he is above the American people and his job is somehow more important than yours. The reality is he is one man, a citizen just like you. He serves at your bequest. He needs to stop acting like a dictator and start acting to get the government out of the way of your opportunity to achieve the dream. Or at least what is left of it.

There is going to be a constitutional fight over the current way the Executive branch is divvying out the money being allocated by congress. It is a complex but simple constitutional argument. In the constitution congress has sole responsibility to spend and allocate money. The way they have given the Executive branch billions of our dollars to do with what they want is not constitutional. The founders were very concerned that an all too powerful Executive branch would over reach in power if they controlled too many funds. That is why spending is exclusive to the House of Representatives.

What we are seeing today is the founders worry coming to fruition; an Executive that has too much control of money to divvy out to the “peasants” as he sees fit. The ability to pick winners and losers based on politics. We had a very smart founding group that if we would just understand what they were trying to do, we would be so much better for it. The more we ignore the constitution the more we become the “peasant” class and we will be treated as if we are obligated to a benevolent dictator; our founders worst nightmare. And ours…

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