Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dis -honorable Mention…

Are these politicians that have been masquerading as outraged citizen advocates really the best we can do in this country? I meet hundreds of great people in my travels as a business person, and I can’t help thinking every time I see Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid; how did they get elected?

These politicians are actually talking about breaking contracts, publishing the names of private citizens that received bonuses, persecuting business executives when they have equal responsibility in this AIG scandal. They are threatening actions as if they were dictators in a tyrannical administration.

I can’t even stir up outrage anymore. I find myself shaking my head and wondering; where have the real people gone? Why have we allowed these people to represent us? How do we allow this level of incompetence to represent us? Most people I meet have core values just like me. So how do we get people like the embarrassing bunch, filled with moral and hollow outrage, blaming others for their mess in charge of protecting our constitution? Are they protecting our constitution? Have they read the constitution? Have they read any book in their lives? Are we the crazy ones?

I can’t believe we will not fix this at the first chance we get at the ballot box in 2010. I have to believe all of the great people I meet will step up and take the reigns and run for office to re-build trust with the American electorate. If we ever needed a few good men and woman, it is now. I’m tired of being embarrassed about my government… Are you?

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