Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Elderly, Poor, and Disabled…

It is common for those that oppose any reforms in entitlement programs to lump the elderly, poor, and disabled into a category of folks that must be protected from reductions in government programs. It drives me crazy when the media broad brushes these groups to support arguments against any real reform of any government program. It’s as if every elderly, poor, or disabled person has to rely on a government program to survive.

Nothing could be further from the truth to think that these groups need government support. The “elderly” are actually as a group some of the most affluent Americans both economically and emotionally. After years of working, many elderly Americans own their homes outright, have both private pensions and social security, and many work to supplement their savings and retirement. There are some elderly on a “fixed” income but it is not every elderly American.

The “poor” in America are a very diverse group of individuals. The first question we need to ask is why are they poor? Could it be they have been depending on government programs instead of their own ingenuity? Could it be they have been brought up by single mother no father “families” that have been perpetuated by government programs that incentivize unhealthy behavior? Could it be a choice to rely on drugs and alcohol? Have government bureaucrats that depend on these vices for their living become advocates to keep people poor? The failure of government education has kept people from breaking out of their socioeconomic circumstances and we need to wrestle schools from the government. Should we be supporting programs that perpetuate a hopeless future?

The “disabled” designation for Americans has consistently grown in this country. It is not because we have more disabled Americans but rather we have designated more people as being disabled even when they are not. Alcoholism is now a disability. A lack of focus has become a disability. Obesity is now a disability. There are millions of “disabled” Americans that ask nothing of the government and are capable of making their own way in life. There are truly disabled Americans that need help but the numbers are nowhere near the numbers the federal government cites.

There are billions of wasted dollars in the federal government programs that need to be trimmed. There are people that need to be weaned off of federal subsidies including American corporations and foreign governments. More importantly these government subsidies undermine individual hope and our freedom.

The path we are on is not sustainable. It is time to start treating Americans as capable individuals and stop the nonsense that we have nowhere in the federal budget we can make cuts. The economy will suffocate unless we reduce the federal government by 30 to 40%. American’s are ready to step up and make their way if the politicians would just get out of it…

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