Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New Silent Majority…

Nixon used the term “silent majority” back in the 60’s to describe the values based voters that said little but were ready to show up at the polls. Reagan used the term in his campaign efforts in the 80’s to describe the hard working, God fearing people that had no time to demonstrate because they were busy making America work, while the “vocal minority” garnered headlines of the main stream media who was an accomplice in making their minority views seem to be a majority opinion; wishful thinking.

The “new” silent majority is growing daily as most Americans are confused, angry, and scared about the competence of our current president. Everything seems to be spinning out of control from the economy, deficits, Middle East, inflation, and a bleak future with no leadership in place to change the course for the better. What people see is a disengaged man seemingly over his head showing an arrogance that is very concerning. There is a total disconnect.

The polls show that people “like” President Obama but what I believe they are saying is “he’s not a bad guy” but if they were asked about their confidence in his abilities as president they are thinking, “I don’t think I am confident he can do the job.” Most likely people will be cautious to criticize this president at of fear of being labeled. We will see polls in the upcoming election cycle that will reflect a public unwilling to criticize the president but what we will see in the voting booth will be a complete rejection of his abilities as a leader. No matter how much people like somebody, if they are not confident in their abilities they will vote to move on.

The president spends a lot of time campaigning, vacationing, golfing, and talking on television shows that he believes will help him get re-elected. But as he sits there being coy and personable with the audience what the viewer sees is a country and a world in chaos wondering why the president has time for this but little time for addressing the real problems in the world.

The opposition candidate will only have to be seen as an adult willing to make hard choices and have the experience to instill confidence in the electorate to unseat the president. The polls will show a tight race but the results will be a landslide. I know political pundits will disagree but I believe the new silent majority is a massive movement and will be energized for change but a defined change of returning to the foundational principles of our Constitution. People want to be proud of America again. People want jobs not handouts. People want security from bankruptcy but they don’t want bureaucrats in their healthcare decisions. People want to be environmentally friendly but not forced to buy a “smart” car to pull their camper. People want a comprehensive energy program including domestic oil so we can end our need to be involved in the civil wars of the Middle East. People want less government than we have now.

The American people are done squandering the treasure of America to support people that are in a perpetual state of war based on tribal hatred and history while our inner cities crumble and unemployment remains at unprecedented levels. We don’t mind helping but when you poke us in the eye after the fact we think twice next time around. Taxpayers are tired of watching our borders be overrun with drug lords and people coming here just to use our services. Our citizens are suffering and we have a government that is promoting “world citizenship” and open borders.

It is a pivotal time in our history because we have allowed liberalism to infect our life blood; the constitution. We have replaced solid policy with emotional relativism. We have ignored laws in an effort to be compassionate but compassionate toward whom? We have worked too hard to create the greatest most compassionate nation on this earth and we don’t like the “transformation” that is being pushed by this president.

We may not say much or show up in the polling data, but we will show up and we will be the New Silent Majority that will support a change consistent with the American Dream and American exceptionalism…

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