Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drill Please…

We need to start harvesting the vast oil reserves we have here in the US. We need to supplement that with nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind and solar. The more we convert our domestic use to a comprehensive approach, the sooner we can turn the lights off on the Middle East unrest.

Do we really think we are ever going to convince Muslim World that the adoption of freedom and free markets is in their best interest? Maybe, but if freedom is universal we need them to want it and fight for it. The fighting we are seeing now may or may not turn into something other than another dictator or theocracy, but I doubt it. As long as religion is the preferred policy for running their society the less likely freedom will be in the Middle East.

We are there because of oil. We are not there to steal their oil as the left suggests, but to keep it freely flowing. Even if it is managed by an illegal cartel. We are dependent on the free flow of oil and until we break the demand or open up competitive markets we will continue to be shackled with an unclear energy future. Oil is not evil; it is the best fuel for the foreseeable future. We need to drill here at the same time we build an overall comprehensive energy policy. Here in Pueblo Colorado the site permits have been approved to move to the next step of building a new nuclear plant. The environmentalists are out in force but the time has come to put the China Syndrome behind us.

Nuclear fuel has been proven safe all around the globe. Windmills are popping up all across the fruited plain. Natural gas and oil reserves have been discovered to be greater than ever expected. It is time to set ourselves free from the world cartel. A cartel like OPEC would be illegal here in the US so why do we continue to support it in the Mid East? Let the rest of the world be beholden to the people that hate us. We don’t need them if we plan properly.

If we had a president and leadership in congress we would be well on our way to energy independence. I don’t begrudge the president for going golfing occasionally but he doesn’t even seem to care that gas is about to hit $4 a gallon. Maybe that’s because we as taxpayers are paying to fill up the tanks of Air Force 1 and his limos.

The next election can’t come fast enough. This president is so out of touch with the average American that I suspect that is why he can play golf while we contemplate how we are going to keep paying $100 to fill up our gas tanks. We have the resources to fundamentally change the energy industry for the better. If we only had a president and congress that actually cared about the people…

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