Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The “Donald” is stirring it up…

Donald Trump is making a lot of elites and Republican Party activists very uncomfortable by asking the current president: “show your birth certificate Mr. President.” Donald, a potential presidential candidate has produced his birth certificate and has it posted on the Newsmax website for all to see. Why is this stirring so many feathers? Because the current president has never produced the actual signed copy of his birth certificate. The people that have been pushing for a copy are called “Birthers.” They are being mocked as people that just can’t accept this president (whatever that means), and have been put in the kook bin by many in the media.

I am not a “Birther” but I would like to see the official copy of the President’s birth certificate because anyone that spends two years avoiding the simple task of producing a legitimate document has raised a serious question in my mind: what is he hiding? I was born 51 years ago and if you asked me to produce my birth certificate I can go to my dresser and there it is, raised certification logo, signatures, and parental information. It is not that hard to produce an original document. The Constitution of the United States actually demands that evidence of natural born citizenship be produced.

You don’t have to be a birther to be curious. It raises the question, what is on that certificate the president doesn’t want Americans to see? Or is there a document at all? To ask the question in compliance of our constitution is not a conspiracy. To wonder why our president can’t produce simple proof of his status as a citizen is not a question based in “lunacy.”

Donald Trump may never become president but he is exposing an issue that millions of Americans are struggling to understand but are afraid to raise in fear of being called a “Birther.” Donald is making it clear that our constitution demands our president produce proof of citizenship. Donald is making a powerful argument that this should not be so hard. Donald is giving the president the opportunity to set the record straight. Donald is raising the issue the other politicians are afraid to touch. Donald is making it clear that you don’t have to cower in pursuit of the truth.

In this Donald deserves our support and thanks…

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Anonymous said...

Sadly I thought this post was an April fools joke, then I realized you were serous!