Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Politics of Envy…

The President has reverted to using past president’s strategies because he has obviously run into a roadblock from the people on his “strategy.” His strategy seems to be: create envy against a group of people that have worked hard and become successful on their own merits.

He talks about the wealthy, rich, billionaires and millionaires, the fortunate, and a host of other labels that are designed to insight envy in the hearts of his audience. Instead of thanking the successful people of our nation for all they have contributed, he chooses to lie about how they are not paying enough to the federal government. It is a lie because no matter what income tax these successful people pay, the total value to society far exceeds the people not paying any federal income tax at all.

These successful people are already paying the majority of federal taxes but the piece our president always fails to address is the product, service, or innovation impacts to our society. The most obvious one is the creation of jobs that fuels wealth and additional tax revenue to the state and local governments. This president has contempt in his voice when discussing successful people. The main reason is to position himself with his core constituency as the person who will make the playing field “fairer” for them. The truth is the field is already fair and actually tips toward people in the lower income and special interest groups.

All Americans have the same opportunity in this country. We all come from different backgrounds but if we apply ourselves the sky is the limit. This president often suggests that these successful people could not have been successful without the government. That is a lie for most business success. Government is often an impediment to their success and most businesses have had to endure many hurdles set up by government. To suggest that the government paves roads and therefor is the reason UPS is successful is disingenuous at best. To suggest that the local restaurant is successful because the city worker sweeps the sidewalk again is a stretch. The reason business is successful is an individual’s willingness to take a risk, apply his/her idea and work hard.

Any American can do that if they are so inclined. But Obama knows there is a class of people out there that count on the government for their subsistence. Black Americans have been lied to and continue to believe that the government is their savior. Until they stop the envy and start believing in themselves they will continue to suffer the consequences. Obama is trying to convince poor people that the government is the answer. The government is the problem.

I fear it is a hopeless argument for inner city communities that have been “educated” in government run schools who are an abysmal failure. Like Obama’s policies, the people counting on government are never going to be in the successful group. Their only “hope” is a man that promises to take the wealth of others to make up for their incompetence and lack of drive.

Envy of your neighbor is a path that leads to hatred and dependence. That is the re-election campaign strategy of this president. It is time for divisive politics and for this president to go…

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