Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Newt Just Blew It!

If you are a pro capitalist constitutionalist that is proud to be American and believes we need to defeat Obama, Mitt must be the choice. I know Mitt isn’t perfect but none of us are. We need competence and an instinct for free market principles in our next President.

The latest exchange between Mitt and Newt has turned me 100% against Newt. I can’t forgive him for something I know came from his inner core and showed his true colors. Newt’s “business” with Freddie and Fannie cannot be compared to Mitt’s experience with Bain Capital. Newt was peddling his influence as a former speaker and access to politicians because he can lobby on the House floor as a former politician (post for another day). I don’t begrudge him for making a living but he was sucking more taxpayer supported dollars out of an organization that needs to be eliminated. It is ripe with corruption and incompetence. Newt should have been working to close the place down.

Romney was a “turn-around” specialist in the private sector. His company took ailing and failing businesses and revived them to health. Most times they did sometimes they didn’t. But in the private sector there is no cushion of taxpayer funds to be “compassionate” with other people’s money.  Romney had to make the most difficult decisions people in the private sector have to make when saving or building businesses.

Bankruptcy is exactly what GM and Chrysler should have been forced to do. They would be better companies today and we as taxpayers would be a little less in debt. But our President illegally invested our money into private companies to save the unions that support his election. Yes illegal because nowhere in the constitution does it authorize the federal government to use taxpayer dollars to prop up private companies. The financial industry would have survived under the bankruptcy process as well if they were allowed to fail. The doom and gloom scenarios are all speculative BS. The private sector always recovers when the rules are clear and everyone plays by the same rules.

Newt through his comment “is Romney going to apologize to the companies he bankrupted and the laid off workers…” (close enough but a common liberal mantra against capitalism) has shown that his instinct is to prop up the private sector with tax dollars. A mortal sin for a free market economy. Mitt has proven he knows how to save, build, and allow for failure in the private sector which I have to assume he will do as President no matter how much pressure the public puts on him.

This election is about our future. Our future is bleak with the current President. He is destroying our fundamental fabric that creates the wealth and prosperity we enjoy. I know there are many conservatives looking for Reagan but we are going to have to trust Romney on this one. Newt will be demonized and portrayed as a mean spirited old white guy. He is not going to win over the uninformed middle. We will need the uninformed middle to get rid of Obama. They will need to feel good about voting against Obama because they vote based on feelings. Newt will not make them feel good about voting against Obama. That is a fact and I know it doesn’t make sense for us as conservatives but we must be strategic here.

Newt is done. Stick a fork in him and let’s move on to Romney. Newt has done some good things in the past but his instincts are tied to government solutions. The government is not the solution it is the problem as our hero Reagan knew all too well…

Check out this great post by my Brother on why we need Mitt. He is a staunch conservative…

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