Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our President Stands Against Our Nation…

It is demeaning to the office of the president, our flag, and the constitution that we have an occupier in the White House that has not stood up against the radical leftist movement taking place across this country. Rather he says he supports the desecration of our flag and radical agenda against the founding principles of our nation.

It is time for conservatives in Congress to start the process of removing this president for dereliction of office. This country is spiraling out of control because the  occupier in chief is incompetent at best, determined to destroy this nation through these overt actions to support radical ignorance and law breaking across this country.

This president refuses to prosecute the criminals crossing our borders, the criminals occupying private property, and the criminals in his justice department. He has failed this nation and has failed in his duties. He is siding with our enemies, and prosecuting our allies.

Never has our nation’s recent history been so close to revolution because of the radical leftist in the White House. The elites are dancing around and afraid of calling this president what he truly is; an agitator at best and more likely an enemy of our constitutional republic.

We can no longer allow this to continue in the name of our nation. This presidential campaign has degraded into a current president unwilling to defend the laws of our nation. We deserve better from a president that is supposed to represent the entire people of our nation. He represents the most radical in this nation and has turned his back on the majority of Americans.

It is time for all of the occupiers to go including this president… It is time for congress to do its job and remove this president which would be representing the wishes of the majority of Americans…

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frankcorey said...

My fellow American, it’s about the paradigm. Issues (Afghanistan War, deficit, economy, health care, etc.), personalities (Obama, Palin, etc.), and political parties stem from, embody, and perpetuate constructs.

On this planet only immutable realities work over time. Only immutable realities serve the citizenry and the country. The only way out of today’s madness is to replace constructs with immutable realities. For Americans to take care of personal interests and the interests of their country, Americans have to know and get on immutable realities.

Adults understand through observing and living. The immutable realities of governance are explained through fact situations that confront Americans and Americans can readily understand at The vehicle is real estate zoning in a suburb outside of Chicago.

Normal people are in sync with immutable realities, so there is always a consensus for immutable realities. The solution to today’s madness is eminently doable.