Thursday, September 9, 2010

Building a Mosque at Ground Zero is Key to our National Security?

The Imam pushing an unwanted Mosque at Ground Zero has stated that if we don’t build the Mosque now at Ground Zero we will enflame the “radicals” and it will be a concern for our national security. Here’s my question; where does this logic end?

If next an Imam comes along in Detroit and says that by not allowing Sharia Law in the largest Muslim community in the US, we could enflame the “radicals” and it will be a concern for our national security.

The next Imam comes along and says we must have a Muslim on the Supreme Court that “understands” the wishes of the Muslim community or we may enflame the “radicals” and it will be a concern for our national security.

Here’s a thought for all of the followers of Islam; you live in America, threatening us like this doesn’t work. We have nothing to prove to you, we have no need to show who we are, we know who we are, and it is time to either assimilate in a peaceful way or go somewhere else. We will not allow you to use our freedom to steal our freedom.

You see folks, true Islam is on display. There is no difference in Islam between government laws and their religious laws. The religion is a combination of civil law intertwined with religious belief. It cannot exist peacefully here until it goes through a reformation. The “moderate” Muslims here need to promote a separation between dominance and ministry. A ministry to convert people to a way of belief is different than converting through a strategy of dominance and threats against the lives and liberties of non believers.

We can’t allow the Muslim religion to position the argument in a way we can’t participate in an open debate. We can be tolerant but we must expect tolerance in return. We must protect our constitution even if it offends the Muslims beliefs. We are being taken with a strategy of political correctness. How many other religions are free to worship in Saudi Arabia? None. This is not uncommon in Muslim dominated countries. We live by a constitution not a Bible or Koran. The Bible is a foundation for this great nation but there is a difference with foundational beliefs built into law and actual civil law. We do not go to jail if we don’t attend church or believe in God. Islam sees the Koran and Sharia as inseparable from civil law. It’s a fact.

We must debate the facts and we can’t change our constitutional fabric to appease a religion that seems to be offended at everything we stand for. We don’t need to feel uncomfortable with our beliefs. This is America and we have a constitution. Anyone that doesn’t like it can leave. We must protect our rights no matter how offended Muslims are to the concept of the separation of religious and civil laws.

The preacher threatening to burn the Koran is an idiot and not a true believer in Christian values. Otherwise he would not be so inconsiderate of Muslims. But to say that we must build a Mosque at ground zero or concede to Sharia law in the United States is a threat to our existence.
And that’s a fact…

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You are so right in your analysis!!!