Friday, September 17, 2010

Constitution Day

Ignored again! The US Constitution; the reason we have the most prosperous nation in the world; the reason we have been able to be so charitable around the world; the reason every individual no matter what circumstance they are born into can reach their dream in life’s pursuits. It is a miracle we fail to celebrate.

Our kids learn very little about this great document. It should be mandatory for all four years of High School. Yet somewhere in the back of the American psyche it is responsible for our sense of self confidence to stand up against our tyrannical leaders and all that threaten individual liberty. Even if it is only referenced in times of crisis we must celebrate its existence.

The blood that was shed to defend this document has given it sacred standing and yet we treat it with little regard. Without our constitution we have no bases of law. It encompasses our principles and is our foundation grounded in the belief we are all created equal under God, and no man has the power to rule us unless we temporarily grant them that right. But even then that power is limited by the constitution. It is our guardian angel.

If you get a moment say a little prayer of thanks that our founders were as smart and brave as we can only hope to be…

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