Monday, September 21, 2009

Funding our Demise…

The UN is the most corrupt organization on earth, and has only one agenda; destroy American superiority. The UN hates America and its citizens but loves our idiocy in providing the funds to support their agenda and extravagances.

The UN continues to pursue their goals and now sees a great opportunity to accelerate the goal of destruction with an administration supportive of their funding if not directly with their goal. We have Islamic hatred boiling over in the halls of the UN at our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel. The UN suggests they don’t want an Iranian nuclear state but do nothing to stop it. They spend all of their time putting together reports about Israel’s alleged atrocities of building some homes for their citizens. Instead of spewing hate and jealousy, maybe Palestinians can build a couple of homes for their citizens. No, they would rather blame all of their incompetence on someone else.

We have a very dangerous world to deal with and the president is acting as if this is not the case. He coddles Islamic terrorists and lectures our allies and friends on their shortcomings. The UN supports this president but will not be happy until he completely hands over the reins of government to a world organization like the UN.

It may seem farfetched but it’s not. This administration believes the world is the answer and our constitution is the problem. Do you trust this president or our founding document the U.S. Constitution? Do you trust a world order or a U.S state legislature? Do you trust Iran or Israel? Do you trust your instincts? Those instincts should be telling you to end the idiocy.

We continue to use our tax dollars to support the UN who is bent on destroying America. When are we going to cut the funding to this terrorist organization toward America’s existence?

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