Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weakness Encourages Chaos…

Chaos is everywhere, the economy, foreign affairs, and the terrorist threat. Day after day we see an upsurge of activity that is threatening to our future. Whether it’s the healthcare takeover, free market collapse, UN attempts to drive our energy policy, or the current terrorist activity in NY and Denver. It is the result of perceived weakness.

Enemies that fear a determined and committed adversary are very cautious in their action. It is the peace through strength principle so eloquently communicated by Ronald Reagan. For the eight years following September 11th 2001, our enemies knew what would happen if they attempted another attack on our nation. That understanding has gone with the change in power. We no longer call it a war on terror and we are wavering in our position to contain enemies like Iran and North Korea.

Our economy is under an attack by a brazen China and the UN with an attempt to undermine the value of the dollar. Freedom is under attack by elitist leaders that don’t believe the people know what is best for them, believing free speech including talk radio needs oversight by government agencies to insure “balance and civility.” Our president doesn’t trust the people or the U.S. Constitution, and the people don’t trust the president.

We are being attacked as racist for questioning this president who apparently is in over his head. His answer is to shut down the people’s ability to communicate. People truly concerned that a government takeover of healthcare is the end of the greatest healthcare system in the world are being described as right wing racist malcontents who are uninformed on the issue despite the evidence all around us of government failures.

The president’s biggest supporter in his election, the group ACORN, is now under federal investigation for voter fraud. The president’s top general in Afghanistan is begging for more troops or we will leave in defeat, not to mention the risk of death to our soldiers in that theatre of war and our president has no answer, and can’t even find the time as he jet sets across the country to deliberate this critical issue.

Chaos is caused by a lack of perceived leadership. The problem is that the perception is real. How can this president instill confidence when he travels from campaign stop to campaign stop lecturing us on why we need to follow him in his radical leftist ideals? What the president fails to realize is we have seen these attempts before and the result is always the same; chaos…

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