Friday, September 11, 2009

America Must Separate as Constituted to Unite Again…

We are a republic made up of 50 individual states. Our common thread is the U.S. Constitution. The enumerated powers of the federal government in our constitution are defined to support the United States. The powers given to the federal government are intended to protect the states and individuals from enemies and the destructive nature of out of control centralized bureaucracy and tyranny. None of the powers include the day to day running of state governments or the infringement of individual rights.

The U.S. Constitution is to support each state’s ability to provide the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness on an individual basis. The federal government does not have the responsibility to provide the “happiness” that each individual pursues. Unfortunately that is what our federal government is trying to do therefore “balkanizing” Americans. This attempt to provide individual happiness is being done by taking from one individual or group to give to another. It is being done by taking the resources from the individuals of one state and giving to individuals or groups of another. Through these takings, the federal government is dividing us by creating resentment. Much of what the federal government does today and every proposal so far by the Obama administration has been unconstitutional.

The U.S. has always taken pride in our individual creativity, the importance of our Christian/Judeo traditions, family, hard work, personal responsibility and accountability, the free markets and private property. From these common goals we have created the wealthiest and most compassionate country to ever reside on this earth.

Our enemies have always been the people that are jealous of our ability to provide for ourselves, and our desire to govern ourselves. The elites and our enemies are trying to destroy us from within by challenging our foundation by destroying our family unit, taking faith out of the public conversation, re-distributing individual private property (hard earned money) beyond what is necessary to run a limited government. They use taxation to destroy productivity and reward political allies.

We are being forced to take action at the state level to contain the federal government’s desire to bankrupt this nation. We have the tenth amendment which will be the only way to stop this intrusion and regain our American footing. By establishing our founding roots again, we will bring this nation together by defining the lines of demarcation. In order to unite again, we must define our individual and state responsibilities, and take back the resources necessary to run our individual states.

We as individuals must find our common interests again by focusing on the hard work, family, faith, and limited government principles that made us great. This will not come from a bigger national government focused on Balkanizing us against each other; it will come from each of us as individuals, focusing on each other at the local and state level, acting like neighbors again.

We have been Balkanized by an out of control national government. Let’s get back to the basics that made us great…

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