Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1776 All Over Again…

Flashback to the future. The Massachusetts senate has just passed a “pandemic response bill” that completely ignores the U.S. Constitution under the guise of an “emergency” declared by the governor. It is ironic that the home of the original American Revolution may play the role again, 233 years later.

The bill includes but not limited to:
• Search and Seizure of private property by the government
• Suspension of our right to assemble
• Destruction of private property with no compensation
• Holding citizens against their will and forcibly vaccinating them by a non health professional (read government brown shirt)

Are we there yet folks? Are we still under a delusion that this can’t be happening in America? Are we ready to take back our rights and throw these bums out of office? Are we ready to take our place in the protection of our freedoms? Our enemies of freedom have certainly set their course and they are running right over you and the constitution.

We are living in dangerous and scary times when we have public servants acting like kings and dictators. This is serious business when without regard to our constitution; bills like this can even make it to the floor of any senate in this country.

I want states to take back the responsibility they have under the 10th amendment but these state representatives must comply with the rest of the constitution. These people are dangerous and must be stopped.

“Emergency” powers need to be strictly defined in the hands of government. A swine flu that has shown no sign of being any different from the normal flu does not qualify.

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