Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today’s Liberals Will Destroy America…

You may think you’re a liberal, and proud of it. Think again. Today’s “liberal” is motivated and guided by elitism, and has a total disregard of reality and history. Does that still sound like you? Today’s liberals believe that the constitution is a relic, and only slows down the progressive “change” they believe is necessary for them to provide a bright future for you and me. (Elitism at its finest) If only the constitution wasn’t in the way, they could stop the descent (free speech) of those conservative Americans who are really just angry white men, upset at losing power but unknowingly needing liberal’s guidance and direction to live a “fulfilled” life.

If only the second amendment wasn’t there, liberals could stop all the violence by taking away the guns from law abiding citizens, leaving the guns to the criminals. Don’t you feel safer already? Only criminals having guns is so much safer, don’t you think? How much easier would it be to control the American people without the threat of them owning guns?

Let’s look at the Black community. Hasn’t government control of education, a liberal favorite, been a great advantage to the inner city Black communities? Just look at how the Black community stands up against the White communities that either have a choice or hold public school officials accountable; hmmm! You decide. Do you want your kids counting on the liberal’s idea of a good education?

How about Katrina? When the microscope was placed on New Orleans after Katrina, the impact of liberal “rule” over a community was apparent and appalling. Generations of Americans were shackled with government and denied the hope that the rest of us have who don’t have to live under today’s liberals.

We now have the perfect liberal running for president, Obama. He is promising to do to all of us what he and his fellow liberals have done to the Black community. I ask you to look at what government has done to the hope of his community and ask yourself; do you want to be like the people of New Orleans that you saw on the television screen after Katrina? Dependent on government for everything and having nothing?

Do you want liberals to run your healthcare, make decisions about what car you drive, how often you can run your air conditioner, what foods you can eat, how many children you can have, what religion you can worship, what stores you can shop in, what radio stations you can listen to, or what words you can speak without reprisal?

Liberals of today are trying to do what the societies of history have failed at before them; controlling other men and their lives. It always fails because it is inherently wrong. Our founders knew that and declared that it is our God given right to be free. The governing of ourselves is an experiment that has proven the greatest result since the beginning of time. Liberals do not know better, and are not better for society; they ruin it. Just like the men before them that thought they knew better than you how to live your life. America beware; the liberals are at the gate with their battering rams, it is time to fight…