Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If he doesn’t debate, what does that "say" about Representative Lamborn?

Doug Lamborn is refusing to debate his two rivals for the Republican nomination for his current position; Representative District 5 Colorado. Why would an incumbent politician not want to debate? The answer is obvious to the people who follow politics; because incumbents have an advantage, and debates can only hurt the incumbent while raising the profile of the challengers. Unless of course the incumbent is a competent and able leader.

The real problem for the incumbent is the more you see, the less you like. And that to me is a real problem for our country and district. What type of “leader” is he, if like his commercials say, and the Chamber of Commerce agrees, is someone we should send back to DC, but refuses to debate the issues? What would make him hesitant to defend and promote that record? I ask you; don’t the voters deserve at least a leader that will fight for himself, if not us?

What has happened to the definition of “leadership”? If Doug Lamborn is truly our “leader”, then why isn’t he out front promoting and defending his leadership? What type of leader hides and avoids the tough decisions or actions? What type of leader is one afraid to stand up against the competition? What is the definition of leadership today?

Political strategy aside, this is not leadership. I am embarrassed to have representing me a man that doesn’t have the fortitude to back up his positions and motivate the electorate with his vision. Anyone can vote, leadership is more than voting.

His TV commercials ring absolutely hollow when you assess his unwillingness to defend and promote his candidacy. Crank and Rayburn will be speaking to an empty chair at the debate. They should place an empty suit on that chair because that is what Lamborn is, an empty suit.

My candidacy is about changing the foundation of a broken system. This is one example of what is wrong today in the election of the people that are “running” this government (into the ground). One of the reasons we keep getting the Doug Lamborns of the world is exemplified in this process. Crank and Rayburn are putting themselves out there for judgment before the voters, and Lamborn is allowed to avoid the venue, denying the republican voters an opportunity to make a clear choice. The parties have reduced our choices in candidates, and Lamborn embodies the problem with the party system. Once you’re in the good ol boys club you will be protected and given special privilege even if you don’t have the guts to be a leader.

I have nothing personal against Doug except for the fact that he doesn’t deserve to hold a position he is unwilling to defend. This is unacceptable if you want to be a leader. As a constituent I am outraged at his lack of leadership. In his commercial he talks about fighting the liberals in congress. Do you believe that a man that cowers from a debate in his own party is “fighting” liberals in congress? Have some guts Representative Lamborn…


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This site seems to have "a copy" of the thesis, "authorized to be released":