Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Faith Based Initiative or Invasion?

Barrack Obama gave a speech on faith, and he did a masterful job of trying to lure in the Christian community. He said all the right things about his own Christianity and to some, he may have seemed in touch with the Christian community in this country. After spending most of his life in a radical anti establishment congregation, this may have been his attempt to distance himself from that fact.

Listening closely to the words though brought into view the real motivation of his speech which was to impose on religious organizations the same rules as government institutions. That’s right; he is trying to get his nose under the church tent through faith based initiatives. He clearly and emphatically stated that religious organizations will be held to the same hiring rules as government, force religious institutions to accept the views of those that disagree with them, and force them to give up the “discriminatory” tenants of their faith to receive funding from the “devil”.

So the press will cover this as the coming of some new “messiah” but what it really was, was the first salvo in his war on the religious community in this country. He knows that this community must be “defeated” in order to implement the strong arm of government on the good people of this nation. Don’t be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is all knowing in his approach to destroy the faith and Christian Judeo heritage of this nation…

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